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Fircrest, Washington Lice Removal

Urgent Care For Lice Removal

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Our head lice removal clinic in Tacoma, which services Fircrest, Washington is part of Lice Clinics of America, the largest network of lice-removal businesses in the world with over 150 clinics worldwide. Head Lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals in over-the-counter shampoos in 30 states, including Washington. Even when lice shampoos kill lice, they don’t kill the lice eggs, so infestations continue. There is no evidence that lice can develop resistance to heated air. We are the exclusive local operator of the AirAllé ®, the only FDA-cleared medical device in the world to treat lice. This medical device uses heated air to kill both lice and their eggs in one single treatment so powerful that we GUARANTEE the results for 30 days! This device has performed over 950,000 successful treatments with zero safety claims. On average, our treatments take an hour, and 99 percent of the time they are successful in a single treatment. Call us today for all of your lice removal needs in and around Fircrest!

The Fircrest Area

Welcome to Fircrest! West of Tacoma, this plot of land was purchased with the intention of creating a “residential park, an enchanting spot to enjoy life and raise a family.” Today, we see just that – a town with “quiet living with a strong sense of community.” Kick back and relax in this serene town. Join us in supporting our local Tacoma School District and the University Place School District as well as Lice Clinics of America as they work to keep our schools lice free.

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