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Tualatin, OR - One Hour Lice Removal

Don’t be fooled by lice treatment imitators with a cold-air device meant for cooling the skin during tattoo laser removal or devices that haven’t been through rigorous testing with FDA clearance. We use the only FDA-Cleared lice treatment device. Currently, the only device on the market that has been cleared by the FDA to use air in treating head lice is the AirAllé device. If you live in the Tualatin area, and you’re looking for a “Fast One Hour, One Visit, 100% Effective” lice treatment for your child, help is around the corner. You can get to our certified lice removal specialists by going to one of the Northwest Lice Clinics. Call now to schedule an appointment, and be lice free today!

Lice Clinics of America

5 Convenient Locations in Bend, Clackamas,
Portland, Salem, and Vancouver.

Fast and Affordable

One and done in a single treatment! You can be free of lice in an hour. No additional hours of combing or follow-up visits that cost you time and money! Solutions for any budget.

No Toxic Chemicals

Our FDA-cleared, kid-friendly AirAllé medical device uses heated air to dehydrate lice and eggs in a single treatment. Safe and pesticide-free.

5 Convenient Locations

We currently have 5 locations including Bend, Clackamas, Portland, Salem, and Vancouver.

Relax, we got this! Fast, safe same-day appointments.

Northwest Lice Clinics

Lice Clinics of America – Northwest was conceived with one goal in mind: to give parents and caregivers the safest, most complete, and effective head-lice treatments available. We treat head lice in a friendly, comfortable environment, by clinicians your kids will love. Our lice clinics are locally owned and operated. We know you are busy and you want to be free of the nightmare of lice, so we treat head lice in a single visit with no follow-ups or homework. Call to book your appointment at one of our Northwest Lice Removal Clinics, and be lice free today!

Tualatin Lice Treatment

Did you know that traditional drug store products no longer work because Super Lice and their eggs (nits) are resistant to pesticide lice treatments. Thankfully with the AirAllé® lice treatment, effectively getting rid of lice has become fast & safe and is now available nearby in Salem! Our device is highly effective because the small size and shape of head lice and their eggs make it difficult for them to conserve water. The AirAllé lice treatment device kills them through dehydration. This process takes about 30 minutes. We have performed over 950,000 head lice treatments with less than a 1% re-treatment rate.

Tualatin Lice Removal

Once effectively treated, the clinician will begin the lice removal service. In this step, we remove the leftover debris from the treatment. Our professional lice removal staff can do this in only 30-60 minutes, depending on infestation levels and the length of hair. Which means you don’t have to spend hours to comb-out lice (nitpicking) at home or come back for follow-ups. Want to learn more about our lice removal and treatment services offered at Lice Clinics of America – Northwest? Then check out our lice treatment options, or call to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

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