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Amity Elementary School
Amity Middle School
Amity High School
McMinnville High School
Duniway Middle School
Patton Middle School
Sue Buel Elementary
Columbus Elementary
Grandhaven Elementary
Memorial Elementary
Newby Elementary

Wascher Elementary
Chehalen Valley Middle School
Mountain View Middle School
Newberg High School
Cola Virtual School
Antonia Crater Elementary
Dundee Elementary
Edwards Elementary
Mabel Rush Elementary
Joan Austin Elementary

Ewing Young Elementary
Faulconer Chapman School
Sheridan High School
Sheridan Japanese School
Sheridan AllPrep: https
House of Hope
Willamina Elementary
Willamina Middle and High
Yamhill Carlton High School
Yamhill Carlton Intermediate School
Yamhill Carlton Elementary School

Play and Learn Daycare Center
Open Bible Learning & Care Center
A Family Place
Creative Kidz
Discovery Zone
Head Start of Yamhill Co. McMinnville Center
Kids on the block/ Columbus
Kids on the block/ Wascher
Kids on the block/Grand Haven
Kids on the Block/Memorial
Kids on the block/Newby
Kids on the block/Sue Buel
Linfield Pre-Kindergarden
McMinnville Christian Academy
St James Preschool/School